Budget works in general

  • Research on Education and Health Budget

Case study: National Budget of Indonesia, Local Budget of West Java Province, Local Budget of Bandung City, Local Budget of Sumedang Regency and Local Budget of Banjar City.

  • Study and advocacy of Education funds in West Bandung Regency

An effort of building monitoring model to be applied by civil society

  • Research on Efectiveness of BOS Fund

Case study on comparison of BOS fund management effectiveness in rural (West Bandung REgency) and urban (Bandung City) areas.

  • Development of Budget Journalism

It is an effort to invest knowledge of budget on journalists through focused group discussions, budget journalism module-making, and trainings for journalists.

  • Publication of BUJET magazine

BUJET magazine is an alternative media that provides comprehensive and actual information on budget, and is distributed to executives, legislatives, scholars, NGOs and society.

  • Research on Open Budget Index

This research collects data and information by doing data analysis that produces transparency index and budget accountability of Indonesian situation.

  • Budget Resources Center

Budget Resource Center provides data and information on budget (local budgets of various regions) that is accessible for public, library of budget and publishes poster series of Local Budget of Bandung City and West Java Province.

  • Study on Transparency of Policies and Revenues of Extractive Industry Sector

This stidy is an effort of promoting transparency of revenues of extractive industry sector in Indonesia

  • Study on Consistency of Planning and Budgeting

Case study on consistency of planning and budgeting in Mataram City, CentralLombok Regency, Kupang Regency and South Timor Regency

  • Program of Transparency of Planning and Budgeting Process in Bandung City

This program is an effort of civil society strengthening in monitoring the planning and budgeting process of Bandung City

  • Legal Drafting Participatory Budgeting in Bandung City

It is an effort of promoting participatory budget-planning in Bandung City

  • Advocacy on Budget Transparency and Accountability in Indonesia

Promotion of creation of Citizen Budget in Indonesia

  • Study and advocacy on Budget transparency improvement in Bandung City

Public capacity strengthening in defending their budgetary rights

  • Study and Advocacy on Budget Planning transparency improvement in Bandung City

Civil society strengthening through provision of data and information on budget planning in Bandung City