Gender Responsive Budget works

  • Study and Advocacy on MNCH

This is an effort of reducing Maternal Mortality Rate (AKI) and Infant Mortality Rate (AKB )in Bandung City

  • Ante Natal Care (ANC)

This is a program of free examination for pregnant women in Bandung City

  • Advanced Workshop on Gender Responsive Budgeting

It is an effort of CSOs’ capacity strengthening in order to integrate Gender Responsive Budgeting works

  • Strategic Mapping of Women Groups in Bandung City

This is a mapping of women groups to be involved in Gender Responsive Budgeting works

  • Advocacy on Improvement of Gender Responsiveness in Gender Budgeting Process of Bandung City Government, Specific Study on Housing Sector

It is an effort of promoting gender responsiveness in budgeting process of Bandung City

  • Study on Participatory Assesment

Measurement of participatory assessment rate of women in education budget management in Bandung City

  • Gender Mainstreaming into Planning and Budgeting of Local Government of Bandung City

It is an effort of capacity strengthening of gender responsive capacity for various stakesholders of education, health and economic sectors